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Reach the 18-35yr old market in Edinburgh
Used to reach people as they’re out and about enjoying themselves! Our flyer packs are massively popular and highly sought after amongst clubbers and music fans when we distribute them at the end of the biggest and best club nights, gigs and events across Edinburgh every week. Our packs are also available in selected shops, takeaways, bars and cultural venues across the city. The packs are A5 in size, contain an exclusive A2 folded to A5 posterzine and a selection of flyers and samples for forthcoming events, music releases, brand samples and other goodies. Due to our unique targeted distribution focusing on the 18-35yr old market, we can ensure that your promotional material is reaching exactly the right kind of people you’re after and deliver real, noticeable results.

Thanks to our experience and unique targeted distribution, we can ensure that your promotional material is reaching exactly the right kind of people you’re after, delivering real, noticeable results and leaving you confident that:

  • Only professionally branded staff distribute our packs
  • Self audited distribution with end of campaign reports and photos available on request
  • Higher retention amongst recipients when compared to individual flyers
  • Our distribution teams are in place at least 30mins before the end of the event and stay until everyone has left, or we run out of flyers/packs (whichever occurs first).


Freshers Pack
One of Out of Hand’s original packs that were started around 15 years ago was our fresher’s pack. The pack consist of a B2 sheet, which unfolds to reveal invaluable information for new and returning students to Edinburgh, such as a city map and wall planner. For the students it offers a database of some things like places to go and where to eat while giving an amazing platform to companies to advertise their product / services direct to their target market.

We print 10,000 packs each September and distribute them free to students during the fresher fairs, as well as campus hand to hand flyering covering all four Edinburgh universities, so you are guaranteed that your company advertisement will be placed directly into the hand of a student at one of these universities.

Student Guide
Given away free to students at selected privately operated student halls of residence throughout Edinburgh city and stocked within the student unions, our bespoke packs are the most direct and effective form of communication with the responsive student market in Edinburgh. We print and distribute 1,000 packs every two weeks during term time and checked and topped up by us on a weekly basis.

Crammed full of all the essential information such as exclusive discounts, party flyers, product samples, stickers a free A3 poster and the chance to win tickets to the best events in the city, our packs are the ultimate guide to Edinburgh to help students spend their money wisely… If you want extra student business, you need to get involved in these packs.

Bespoke Packs
Of course one of the other advantages of our packs to our customers are you can benefit from the wealth of experience in the print and distribution of flyer packs. We regularly print and distribute packs of many kinds as a bespoke service. We can even help you with the design and layout of them. So if you’re looking for flyer packs tailored specifically to your event or venue then contact us now to find out how we can help you achieve this.


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